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Prevent Theft with Quality Locking Systems

Posted on: May 23rd, 2016 by Nelson Shane No Comments

Friday has finally rolled around. Business has been good this week. The sun is shining, and you are ready to end the work week on a high note. Approaching your storefront, you notice there are several scratches on your door handle around the lock. Panic sets in and your shop has been robbed. Your pleasant Friday has turned into a nightmare.

Mike’s Lock Shop can help prevent such a break-in. They provide quality service and a wide variety of commercial door locks for sale in the Philadelphia area. Having your business and items securely locked is integral.

Luckily, Mike’s Lock Shop has a wide variety of industrial and institutional hardware for sale. It is important to know different types of locking systems.

These locking systems are integral in securing your facility. In addition, Mike’s Lock Shop is there for you whenever you need to rekey or repair your locks. An upgrade to your current locking system could prove to be valuable down the line.

Mike’s Lock Shop, the trustworthy commercial locksmith in the Philadelphia region, has a showroom, which allows you to see these products and their high quality before you decide on which lock to buy.

To find out more about Mike’s Lock Shop and how you can secure your business, call 215-672-3100 or visit online at

Don’t Be a Locksmith Scam Victim! Five Things to Watch Out for

Posted on: May 11th, 2016 by Nelson Shane No Comments

Mercy – it’s the one thing that, unfortunately, locksmith scammers know they can use to get away with their illegal acts. Imagine you are locked out of your house on a hot day because you forgot your key. You want nothing more than to be relieved of the humidity by entering the cool atmosphere of your residence, being that the air conditioning is still running. In a frenzy, you whip out your cell phone and search for a locksmith company. After dialing the first listing you see, you are promised a fast arrival for entry offered at just a $20 fee. An hour later, you’re still standing in front of your door drenched in sweat. Where the hell is the locksmith? Finally, a grimy looking man shows up and claims he can get you back in.


He gets to work, hammering on your door knobs. Finally, he gets one open and presents you with an outrageous bill for $160 – $60 for the labor and tools, and $100 for the lockout service. After realizing the whole situation is way too suspicious, you dial the company’s number back only to get hung up on or encounter a busy tone.


Sounds like a crazy story, doesn’t it? But this is the similar account described by individuals who have fallen victim to locksmith scammers. Which, by the way, is way too many. Locksmith scams are a real thing, and are still in operation throughout the country, including the Tristate area. How can we fight back? How can we protect ourselves from such corruption? As a company that provides both residential and commercial locksmith services in the Philadelphia area, we want our customers to be aware of this terrible crime and know how to combat it.


Everybody gets locked out of their vehicle, home, or business at least once in their lifetime – it just happens, even though we don’t mean it to. The first step to rising against scammers is to contact a locksmith company you know is reputable and operates with moral values – like us here at Mike’s Lock Shop. When looking for a locksmith company on a whim or even for any other type of service, here are five things you should check to make sure they are an ethical business:


  1. Check that the locksmith has a fixed address and showroom. Avoid any listings with a PO Box address or no address at all.
  2. Does the locksmith company offer a warranty or guarantee? This shows that the company wants its customer’s to have confidence in their service and that they backup their work.
  3. If the locksmith shows up with no representation of the company, turn them away, and fast! A trustworthy locksmith company will have its employees represent their brand by a name tag, shirt, or uniform.
  4. Check with your insurance company for a reputable locksmith company – only ethical companies can partner with an insurance company.
  5. Don’t hesitate to ask the company detailed questions or check their online reviews. If anything looks negative or suspicious, avoid them at all costs.


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