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Friday has finally rolled around. Business has been good this week. The sun is shining, and you are ready to end the work week on a high note. Approaching your storefront, you notice there are several scratches on your door handle around the lock. Panic sets in and your shop has been robbed. Your pleasant Friday has turned into a nightmare.

Mike’s Lock Shop can help prevent such a break-in. They provide quality service and a wide variety of commercial door locks for sale in the Philadelphia area. Having your business and items securely locked is integral.

Luckily, Mike’s Lock Shop has a wide variety of industrial and institutional hardware for sale. It is important to know different types of locking systems.

  • Panic exit device – A panic exit device is also known as a crash bar, which is used for unlocking a door whenever an emergency occurs. The hardware, which must span at least half the width of the door to be code-compliant, has a spring-loaded bar on the door. People can leave through the door quickly once the lever is pushed.
  • Heavy duty padlocks – A heavy duty padlock is usually made out of Grade 5 steel and can include a weather cap to resist extreme conditions. Some of the padlocks can withstand cutting, grinding and drilling to provide optimal security.
  • Intruder level lock – Intruder level locks for schools and institutions add another layer of security. It incorporates double lock cylinder control to allow a teacher to make sure the door is locked and secured from within the classroom. This lock is usually keyed so all of the inside cylinders on the classroom door are opened by the same key.
  • Mortise locks – A mortise lock has a long plate around the latch bolt and is installed into a pocket cut into the side of the door. These locks are very durable and secure because of the bolt size. They also come in many different design options.
  • Exit alarm locks – Exit alarm locks are used to control the unsanctioned use of exit doors. An alarm will blare in case of an actual emergency or fire and allow access to the door.

These locking systems are integral in securing your facility. In addition, Mike’s Lock Shop is there for you whenever you need to rekey or repair your locks. An upgrade to your current locking system could prove to be valuable down the line.

Mike’s Lock Shop, the trustworthy commercial locksmith in the Philadelphia region, has a showroom, which allows you to see these products and their high quality before you decide on which lock to buy.

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