Nappen & Associates

Nappen & Associates is pleased to be partnering with Access Lock Technologies as our preferred locksmith.  From the beginning, Mike Cogan met with us to determine our needs and develop a strategy to change the locks on our buildings as new tenants take occupancy.  He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and very personable.  They have met our sometimes last minute needs without missing a beat.  We can count on them being on time and always prepared.  We have even referred our tenants to them as the needs arises.

Jo Ann Bynon
Property Management Coordinator

Warminster Heights

As Maintenance Director of Warminster Heights I’ve been dealing with Mike’s Lock Shop for over twenty years. These guys have been my life saver on many projects. Truly the best lock shop in the area.

Thank you,
Pete Croak
Maintenance Director

Bucks County Community College

For over 20 years we here at Bucks County Community College have relied on the professionals at Mike’s Lock Shop. Owner, Mike Cogan, and his staff of trained locksmiths have always been there to aid us in any way to assure that all key, lock and door hardware needs are met. Mike has even taken it upon himself to stop by the college to assist us and provide parts along with his knowledge when needed.

Stan Pembra & Harry Lingerman
Bucks County Community College
Physical Plant / Lock Shop

George School

Just wanted to let you know that over the 15 years we have been doing business with your company, we really appreciate your service and commitment to excellence.  You have helped us through many problems and your advice and counsel on parts, equipment and installations has proven to be exactly what we need here at George School.  As you know we have locks and hardware in anywhere from 120 year old buildings to a 3 month old building and you have helped us with it all.  Thanks and I look forward to many more years of excellent service.

Joseph Nicolosi
Maintenance Supervisor
Michael Olchewsky

Inlgis House

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank all the sales associates at Access Lock Technologies, in particular, Nelson Shane and Mike Cogan. They are always available to assist in any situation, whether it is verifying order information or researching parts. They provide the best solution to all my lock and security issues. They help make my job much easier!

Thank you
Rick DePierri
Maintenance Supervisor

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