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Electronic Locks: Pros and Cons

Posted on: November 13th, 2017 by content

Homeowners have always emphasized protecting their homes. Deadbolt locks have kept homes safe for centuries. Although there is nothing wrong with your traditional deadbolt lock, many homeowners have started to use electronic locks to protect their home.


Not sure exactly what an electronic lock is? No need to worry! In this blog, we’re going to discuss whether or not you should be interested in one or not.


Electronic Lock Pros


Convenience – Electronic locks provide much more freedom to get inside your home. Whether you’re carrying bags of groceries or food for dinner in with you, the ability to just punch in a passcode to unlock your door is much easier than juggling through your keys. Most electronic locks also incorporate the traditional key and deadbolt as back up.


Access – Instead of stressing over giving a friend a key to your key and making sure to collect it afterward, setting a temporary passcode that can be changed without ease makes things a lot more simple. Some electronic locks will even allow you to set a passcode that can only be used during a specific timeframe such as allowing a babysitter or dog walker to function like normal even if you’re away.


Easy Installation – Electronic locks are very simple to install. There is no need to worry about wiring and can be installed with just a screwdriver. Most electronic locks will even be able to be installed with an instructional video on their website.


Electronic Lock Cons


Expensive – An electronic lock can cost more than a bare-bones traditional deadbolt. For those moving into a new home or apartment, a budget can be a big deal and may feel that the difference in locks is not worth the price.


Responsibility – After installing a new electronic lock, it is your responsibility to make sure you memorize your passcode and make sure the battery on the lock is constantly charged. Most electronic door locks will give you a warning when battery life is starting to run low.


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