Master Key Systems

nylon-head-keyDo you employ a large staff all with varying roles and responsibilities? If so, a master key system may be the best option for optimizing security and safety within your facility. Mike’s Lock Shop specializes in creating complex master key systems for the Montgomeryville, Warrington, Willow Grove, or anywhere in the Philadelphia metro PA areas. Our 40+ years of experience crafting master key systems gives us an advantage over other lock shops and services.

A master key system is a carefully crafted formula that creates a hierarchical series of similar keys within one system. It all comes down to authority. If you have the authority and the need to open every door in the facility you will get a “grand master” or even “great grand master” key. However, if you are only authorized to open some doors you may be given a “sub master” key.

For example, an apartment complex would give their superintendent the great grand master key. The superintendent would absolutely need this key because they require access to all the offices, storage areas, and individual apartments. However, the grounds keeper would only need to access the offices and storage areas, so they would receive a sub master key. Lastly, the apartment residents would receive a key that would only open their own apartments and mailboxes.

Implementing a master key system eliminates the need to constantly carry a huge ring of keys. You can merge 50+ keys into just one! Furthermore, imagine all the time you would save if you didn’t need to search for the right key every time you attempt to open a door? With just one key, your team would be able to respond to incidents faster and in a more organized fashion. And, most importantly, it enhances your security initiatives tremendously because it restricts access to specified areas.

If you are interested in implementing a master key system for your facility, please call our showroom to schedule a consultation. Mike’s Lock Shop will design, install, and implement a master key system that meets your needs and specifications. In the implementation process, we will provide you with a procedure to issue keys only to the authorized users. Since we will be using restricted keys, all copies must be made at our shop, thus protecting the integrity of your system. Access Security is a certified Mul-T-Lock Locksmith and performs both installation and service on all Mul-T-Lock products


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