Access Control Systems

access controlMike’s Lock Shop, proudly serving the Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Montgomery County, PA areas, provides customized card, code or fingerprint access control systems for all size organizations dependent on their specific needs. While electronic card access systems are the most popular, each business or organization has different security initiatives and goals.

Access control systems have become very popular over the last decade for many reasons. Firstly, they eliminate the need to change locks and duplicate keys. Moreover, the influx of data provided through an electronic access control system is very beneficial to both large and small organizations. With access control, your team will have the ability to monitor and analyze “door transactions” and even track specific individuals.

Basic locks and keys don’t offer as much control and flexibility as electronic access control systems. With an electronic access control system, managers have the option to control their electronic locks during certain hours. For example, many facilities may want to restrict access to the entire building, or maybe just certain doors, during “off hours”. These features can even be remotely controlled in case you need to make changes “on the fly” and let someone in or restrict access for a specific individual.

Electronic access control systems have a variety of different features and specifications. The security experts at Mike’s Lock Shop can guide you in selecting the best system for your organization. Our technicians are trained in installing every kind of access control system sold at Mike’s Lock Shop. Our more standard door access control systems can be implemented on any type of door – glass, wood, aluminum, etc.

Mike’s Lock Shop can fit electronic access control systems to a variety of different doors, turnstiles, barriers, parking gates, and even motorized fencing. Mike’s Lock Shop is committed to helping you to find the best option for your organization.

We strive for complete satisfaction with our clients. The implementation of access control systems, high security locks and panic bars enables your home or business to remain secure and protected.

Contact our staff or visit our showroom to inquire further about our wide range of products. You’ll find all the latest technological security items, including electronic automotive keys and high-security safes, to complete your security operations.

3 Signs You Should Invest in Access Control for your Business

  1. You leave your doors or areas open during normal business hours.
    • Workplaces, schools, retail stores, hospitals or office buildings all contain expensive equipment and assets. Are you leaving your locks open for convenience? If your answer is “yes”, then it may be time to invest in an electronic access control system to make sure you are protecting your businesses’ investments. Besides, at the end of the day, wouldn’t it be significantly more expensive to replace all of your stolen equipment than to invest in an access control system?
  2. You want to be able to track your employee’s whereabouts.
    • Do you have a team member that takes one too many breaks? What about an employee who takes an extra-long lunch hour and attempts to sneak back in unnoticed? Are things disappearing from your stock room or warehouse? Or, do you simply want to check on who is in the office working and who is not? An access control system would give you the flexibility to report on employee whereabouts without seeming like a micro-manager. In addition, most systems allow for you to easily export this data and create automatic email reports.
  3. You are about to terminate a trusted employee.
    • Letting an employee go is never an easy task. It’s even harder when they have their own set of keys. Even if you make a point to ask for them back, how do you know they didn’t make multiple copies? An access control system will make this process easier, and will give you peace of mind. No one wants an ex-employee entering your building unannounced or unnoticed.


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