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Electronic locks, also known as keyless door locks, have become very popular among both homeowners and business owners throughout Warminster, Horsham and Willow Grove. Keyless locks prove to be a very handy and cost-effective alternative because they eliminate the need to continuously make duplicate copies or leave extra keys handy for visitors or guests. Electronic locks are a great option for properties in Montgomeryville, Warrington, Willow Grove, or anywhere in the Philadelphia metro PA area, that host a lot of people who are constantly moving around (i.e. hospitals, schools, large office buildings).

With keyless locks, entry is granted when the correct four-digit code is entered via the lock’s keypad. Usually, codes can only be used one time per lock and will temporarily shut down if an incorrect code is entered three consecutive times. If a shut-down should ever happen, the property owner can utilize the master code, which allows the property owner to delete, suspend, or restore certain codes.

The locking mechanism for an electronic lock operates through an electric current. Usually, the keyless lock is set up to an electronic access control system that allows the homeowner to manage and track entry and activities, however, some customers opt to have the electronic control device mounted directly to the lock. Electronic locks can be fitted to most door types including aluminum, wood, or glass. They can also be used on lockers, cabinets, cupboards or, most commonly, garage doors and can even been connected to smart phones or other mobile devices.

In addition to our electronic lock services, our technicians enable electronic access to buildings through high security locks in Bucks County, PA. All of our professionals are trained to provide excellent service that can’t be beat. If you want to worry less about security, we can provide you with the peace of mind you are looking for.

We’re your solution for all of the latest and most innovative security needs. Stop by our showroom in Warminster, PA, or contact our locksmiths to schedule your lock or rekey service.


3 Signs You Should Invest in Electronic Locks for your Businessschlage electronic lock

  1. You seem to always be making duplicate copies of keys!
    • A new key is needed every time a new employee is hired or when someone loses their set! An electronic lock would save you time and money. It would also give you peace of mind as well – now you won’t have to worry about those lost keys!
  2. You’re about to terminate a trusted employee.
    • Letting an employee go is never an easy task. It’s even harder when they have their own set of keys. Even if you make a point to ask for them back, how do you know they didn’t make multiple copies? An electronic locking system would eliminate this problem completely. All you would need to do is make sure you change the access code after the employee has left the building.
  3. You want to restrict access to certain areas of your building.
    • Do you want to keep certain employees out of private offices or storage areas? Setting up a keyless lock on these doors is a great way to do that.

3 Signs You Should Invest in Electronic Locks for your Home

  1. Your kids are always losing their keys.
    • Your kids are probably more likely to remember a four-digit code than remember to bring their keys!schlage keypad electronic lock
  2. You have frequent visitors.
    • Your dog-walker or cleaning lady will thank you when you give them a four digit code instead of expecting them to remember which set of keys is yours!
  3. You want to restrict access in certain areas.
    • Perhaps you want to keep other people out of your home-office, or want to have a safe storage area. A key less lock will do just the trick for any interior or exteriors doors.

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