Fire & Gun Safes

Are you looking to find the highest quality fire and gun safes for sale? At Mike’s Lock Shop, we help protect your most valuable possessions from any strenuous situation.

If there is a fire and you have to quickly evacuate the home or building, you will know that your valuables are locked away in a fire rated safe. Our residential and commercial locksmith services in Philadelphia include the installation and moving of your safe. We’re able to open locked safes and change the combinations on your behalf, providing peace of mind that your belongings are protected.

Safes and vaults come in all shapes and sizes and have a large variety of uses, but a common thread is that they are all intended to properly protect property. When we speak with a client about their needs, we can help them obtain a safe with the proper fire protection rating in addition to a level of burglary protection that best serves their needs.

We provide Factory Certified Safe Technicians with many varieties of record safes for sale in Montgomery County, PA. We display various sizes of fire safes, burglar safes & gun safes. If you already own a safe and need service, we are authorized to provide warranty service or direct service on most safes including those manufactured by:

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Gun safes serve dual functions. They protect from damage and burglary, but also from access to children and others unsuited to handle the protected items. You can ensure safe storage for your guns in Bucks County so they’re not accessed by the wrong person.  Our wide gun safe selection for sale, will allow you to be sure you take full responsibility for your firearms and hunting pieces.

If you need to purchase a new safe in Bucks County or Montgomery County, PA, we can help you understand the fire ratings and temperature classes to protect your valuables from fire damage. For burglary protection, we will explain the construction and burglary ratings for safes rated RSC (residential security center), TL15 (jeweler safe), TLTR (protection from tool or torch entry), and TX (protection from explosives).

We endeavor to help you purchase the safe best suited to your needs so you have the appropriate level of protection.

We have many (new and used) safes on display in our showroom. Whether you’re looking at our quality safes for sale, or want to upgrade your security with electronic automotive keys in Warrington, PA or high security locks in Philadelphia, we have you covered. Come in and take a look!

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