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Gun Safes – We Have Them! Do You?

Posted on: January 14th, 2019 by Liz Wedekind

The importance of gun safety starts and ends with knowing how to properly store them. Firearms are powerful tools that can inflict life threatening injuries with one false move. They require a strong understanding of how they work and an even stronger understanding of how to keep them out of the wrong hands. One of the most effective ways in keeping both firearms and people safe is the investment in a quality gun safe.


To prevent theft of valuables
Prevent the loss of firearms from your home and block access to important valuables by locking them up in a certified gun safe.  Locking your firearms protects them from home intruders that can either use them against you, or for use in later crimes. Many owners customize their firearms which takes both time and money to perfect. Why risk losing that by simply not locking them up?

Additionally, keep your other valuables safe including jewelry, money, precious keepsakes and more by storing them securely in your gun safe. They are locked away and protected from the wrong hands.

Keeps firearms away from children
Children are naturally curious and all it takes is one curious move for disaster to strike. A gun safe is one of the most important items you could purchase for your home to keep out of the reach of children. Not only would it deter access, it ultimately prevents potential life-threatening injuries from occurring.

While there is no federal legal requirement, many states have their own laws preventing children from accessing dangerous firearms. This includes not only your own, but also guests that visit with children. Depending on the state itself, owners can face breaking laws of not storing the firearm properly if a child ends up with access to it or uses it to cause intentional or unintentional harm.

Follows Firearm Locking Device Laws
While many states don’t require firearms to be locked up, there are a few that require some sort of locking device to meet certain regulatory standards. Currently, Massachusetts is the only state with a requirement in place of locking up all firearms, while eleven others have smaller laws in place owners must follow.

Protection from fire damage
Protect your firearms and valuables from fire damage by storing them in a concealed gun safe. Many safes come with fire protection that can withstand heat and flames. Typically made of steel, these safes offer moderate fire protection and peace of mind of your possessions.

At Access Lock Technologies, we strive to help protect your most valuable possessions from harm. We work with you to find the perfect safe that best fits your needs. With our large selection of gun safes for sale in our showroom, we are your one stop shop for gun safes with a variety of brands and sizes to pick from in the Montgomery County, PA area.

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