High Security Locks In Montgomery County, PA

Implement cutting edge technohercular_double-1logy that keeps your property safe and secure. Whether for your commercial office or residential building, high security locks are difficult to pick due to their key control systems that prevent the duplication of your keys.Our high security locks and keys installed in the Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Montgomery County, PA areas are cost-effective and unique to every client.

How do high security locks and keys enhance your security measures?

High security locks offer protection from lock picking, and are drill resistant offering increased protection over standard locksets. The keyway is also patented providing additional security to ensure the key cannot be duplicated without the proper authority. Our locksmiths are expertly trained to install and service Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, and many other high security lock systems.

If one of your high security keys is misplaced or gets into the wrong hands, we can easily rekey your locks.  Whether you are in Doylestown, PA or elsewhere in the Philly metro area we can ensure your building remains protected. The keys are patented, and each key is unique to solve many problems that business owners are facing with their security.

Our high security locks and keys are sold and installed only by our certified in-house locksmiths to help you save money while making your security more robust.

Mul-T-Lock Restricted Locks & Keys

Employers with many employees needing keys to access their work space or inventory are always faced with a serious dilemma when a disgruntled employee leaves or is fired: does he have a copy of the key and should we have the locks changed? If the employee has signed for the key, and it’s a key that cannot be duplicated, then simply getting the one key back will resolve the situation.

In the same way, large organizations with many members that need access to the premises never know how many copies people have made of their keys. By using a key that cannot be duplicated without proper authorization, organizations across Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Montgomery County, PA can retain control of who has access to their building, thus eliminating the need to change the locks when someone leaves.

Even homeowners in Montgomeryville, Warrington, Willow Grove, or anywhere in the Philadelphia metro PA area,  who give a key to a cleaning service run the risk of unauthorized copies of their keys. We specialize in providing restricted key solutions for situations like these. Mike’s Lock Shop is proud to offer the entire Mul-T-Lock® product line. We are proud to be a Mul-T-Lock® factory certified service and installation center. We are one of only a handful of factory certified MCC (Mul-T-Lock® Service Center) Centers in the United States. We proudly sell and service Medeco and Schlage products including their restricted key solutions.

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