Why Electronic Locks Make Sense for Your Property

Posted on: December 29th, 2016 by Nelson Shane No Comments

The new year is quickly approaching and with it brings a time to reflect on the things that we hold dear and how we want to better ourselves. Cutting bad habits, following a new career path, getting your degree and losing weight are some of the common resolutions we make.

At Mike’s Lock Shop, the top commercial locksmith in Philadelphia, we believe that you should also be resolute in making sure your property is properly secured. One terrific way to do just that is by equipping your home or business with electronic locks. Listed below are some reasons why electronic locks make sense for your property.

Double Trouble

Let’s admit it; we’ve all misplaced keys at one point or another. Whether you had to get a new key made for your home or business, this costs time and money. With an electronic lock, you can have peace of mind knowing that all you have to do is type in the correct code. The fear of losing a key and having it end up in the wrong hands is taken out of the equation.

You’re Fired!

You’re a business owner, and you have to get rid of an employee. The task of firing alone is difficult, but the process is made more complicated when they have a set of keys. What if they made their own set? This problem is eliminated if you have an electronic locking system.

Can’t Go There

There are just some areas of your home and business that you don’t want to be accessible to others. An electronic lock is the perfect choice for restricting access to a private office, garage, cabinets or storage room. You have complete control over the master code and who goes where.

Frequent Visitors

Giving a code to frequent visitors such as the cleaning crew, landscapers, dog walkers and other guests makes it easier for all parties involved. This simple four digit code is easier for your recurring guests than having to remember which set of keys is for your property. Remember, you can always change the code!

If you are interested in learning how you can better secure your home for the new year or are in need of commercial locksmith services in Philadelphia, you can reach our helpful staff at Mike’s Lock Shop by calling 215-495-0133.

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