Keep Your Information Protected with a Safe

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Most information can be stored online. You can log records, chart statistics, pay bills, save documents and share pictures with a computer. The list is endless of what you can do, but these functions don’t totally negate the need for possessing valuable documents.

Items such as medical record, insurance policies, passports, birth certificates, financial information, social security cards, legal documents, wills and valuables such as jewelry, cash and coins should all be stored in a safe.

Mike’s Lock Shop, the top locksmith in Bucks County, PA, provides many different types of safes for you to purchase. We will answer all of your questions and help you select which safe is right for you.

Fire Safe

Fire safes protect the documents that matter most to you. In the instance of a fire to your home or business, certain fire safes are certified to provide security from flames and high temperatures for hours.

Jewelry Safe

Protecting your expensive jewelry and family heirlooms is important. Jewelry safes have a high level of security and quality presentation with exotic wood, velvet, lighting and more.

Gun Safe

A secure gun safe keeps your weapons out of the hands of children and thieves. Having a gun safe allows you to store multiple weapons and can keep them safe from the elements. Some states require gun owners to keep their guns locked in a safe. You might be eligible for a discount from your insurance company

Wall Safe

Wall safes are convenient and easily concealed. These safes are mounted between wall studs, and feature concealed hinges to properly hide your documents and valuables from others.

Burglar Safe

A burglar safe is meant to provide you protection against forced entry. It is designed to resist various tools, chemicals and explosives. They help deter thieves and make more experienced thieves take more time to steal your items.

Mike’s Lock Shop can help you select a safe that fits your needs. With various types and sizes, our factory certified safe technicians are authorized to provide warranty or direct service on many safes including those manufactured by American Security Products, Gardall Safe Company and Fire King International.

To learn more about purchasing a safe or request information about other products such as commercial door locks in Bucks County, PA, call us at 215-672-3100 or visit our website today!

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