How to Pick a Locksmith

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All Locksmiths Are Not The Same

Misconception #1:  All locksmiths use the same products.
No. Just like everything else in the world – there are good products and there are bad products. There are excellent, precision locks and there are low grade locks. You get what you pay for. If you pay for quality locks you will get quality performance. If you cut corners and use cheap locks, they will probably not last very long and will perform poorly if attacked.


Misconception #2:  All locksmiths give you the same service
No. There are locksmiths that have no sense of urgency and there are locksmiths that are 100% dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. It does matter who you call when you are you in need someone who can be trusted to perform his services with integrity and professionalism.


Misconception #3:  All locksmiths are licensed and certified by the state so i know they are all honest and qualified
Wrong. The state of Pennsylvania has no licensing law for locksmiths. Anyone can open a business and call themselves a locksmith. It is imperative to check the qualifications, reputation, reliability and ability of the company you are going to business with. How long have they been in business, can they give you references, are they factory certified and what is the limit of their liability insurance? Is the business built on referrals from satisfied customers or from constant, high priced advertising necessitated from lack of referrals?


Misconception #4:  It is not important to use a locksmith who has a store open to the public
Wrong. If you call a locksmith who works out of his car or truck but has no shop, you may have no one to go back to if there is a problem. It is difficult to find out where he lives and try to meet him at a convenient time. You don’t know what you are getting into if you do not do business with a legitimate company who has a permanent location with convenient business hours.


Misconception #5:  All locksmiths guarantee their products and workmanship
Wrong. Many companies offer no warranty. If you have to call them back in a week there is a charge for the recall. A company that does professional work and uses quality products will usually offer a one year warranty on all material and labor. Adjustments due to settlement or extreme temperature changes should be done at no charge for the same period of time.


Questions You Should Ask To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Locksmith

1.   Do you use only The Highest Quality Materials available on the market for your installations such as Mul-T-Lock, Schlage Primus, Medeco and Von Duprin?

2.  How long will it take to complete the installation from the time we agree to have the job done?

3.  Can you show me written specs from the manufacturer for the materials installed?

4.  Do you offer a 1 Year Warranty on material and labor?

5.  Are your installers Factory trained and certified and how much experience do they have?

6.  Will I only be required to pay the quoted price or will there be any other additional charges?

7.  Do you have a showroom where I can come in and see a wide variety of products to make my selection from?


When do you need the services of a Professional Locksmith?

When a building has been purchased:

When you are not positive who has access to your building:

When you need to give a key to someone but want to insure that they cannot have it duplicated:

When a break-in has occurred:

When you need an access control system that will limit particular people to specific areas of your building:

When keys have been lost or stolen:

When you need help resolving an unusual security problem:

When you are looking to purchase a burglary or fire rated safe:


These are a few of the services a legitimate Locksmith Company should offer


Locks Rekeyed:  Locks can be disassembled and rekeyed to new keys thus eliminating the need to purchase new locks when keys are lost, stolen, or not returned by an ex-employee.

Master Key Systems:  When a key is needed that can open multiple locks each having its own individual key.

Restricted Key Systems:  Keys that cannot be duplicated except by an authorized person at an authorized dealer.

Electronic Access Control Systems: Used when it is necessary to control where people can go at any particular time on certain days of the week. These locks are controlled by a micro-processor that knows what times of the day a particular person is permitted to have access.

Door Closers and Hinges

High Security Padlocks

ADA Compliant Hardware:  Supply and install door hardware that properly complies with Handicapped Access Codes.

Safe & Vault Sales & Service

Safe Servicing:  Combination changing, servicing malfunctions and opening when a lockout occurs.

Building Inspections:  By using your locksmith as your physical security adviser you can be assured that you are complying with building codes and ADA regulations, as well as learning how the latest products can enhance the security of your facility.

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