Four Reasons Why You Should Opt for Auto Key Services at a Locksmith Instead of a Dealership

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A dealership may know the ins and outs of your vehicle, but a locksmith understands the technicality of security systems. When you need keyless entry installation or repair, who do you turn to? Although there are pros and cons to each business, the best option lies in whether your budget and particular needs can be accommodated. And most of the time, a reputable locksmith can help you achieve both. Many drivers are unaware that they can have their electronic car key serviced by a qualified local locksmith, but there are multiple benefits to relying on them. Below are the top four reasons why you should take your car to a locksmith instead of a dealership for an electronic key system.


  1. Cheaper Pricing

The leisure of having a keyless entry feature on a vehicle is worth the cost – or is it? Dealerships tend to charge a high rate for their keyless entry services, which are usually based on the salary of the worker conducting the labor and the value of the transponder chip inside the key. However, locksmiths will use the same equipment as a dealership and only charge half the price. Drivers can save a substantial amount of money by going to a locksmith to have keyless entry installed or repaired.


  1. The Treatment of Excellent Customer Service

Qualified locksmith companies who care about their community are dedicated to providing their clients with topnotch customer service that sometimes is not present at dealerships. Because locksmiths are local businesses, they concentrate on developing long-term relationships with their customers so that they can meet their security needs time and time again. The technicians are more focused on working with their customers on a personal level to provide them with the best solution for keyless entry.


  1. A Higher Level of Security Expertise

Dealerships are not staffed with experts in security systems, but rather knowledgeable auto mechanics. That being said, a locksmith can offer advice and skills that dealerships are unable to provide. If you have any questions about your car’s keyless entry, a certified locksmith technician will be able to answer them right away.


  1. A Selection of High-Quality Keyless Entry Products

Perhaps there is a specific type of keyless entry you are looking for. Locksmiths have a wide variety of top-of-the-line keyless auto products that might not be available at a dealership. Being able to pick a keyless entry system from a larger inventory offers you a larger range of choices.


Have your electronic car key serviced by a reputable locksmith such as Mike’s Lock Shop. But always remember to make sure the locksmith company is certified and trustworthy so that you can avoid scams in Pennsylvania.

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