Engage in Key Control with High Quality Security Systems

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Establishing a strong level of security isn’t only about implementing the most effective lock system; it’s also about who has the key. Even with the best security strategy on the market installed, nothing is safe or protected when access is granted to the wrong person. Why do you think there are surveillance cameras stationed at every teller booth in financial institutions? Because sometimes, the thief may not be a customer, but rather, a trusted employee who was provided with the lock box key and combinations to the vault.




Creating key control is essential to providing defense against criminal activity such as theft. Whether security is needed for the safety of residential property or commercial businesses, key control is important and should be utilized. To ensure that the right people have access to your business or home, security management can be put in place using key control systems. There are various security methods that can be used to enhance the level of safety and protection. Choose the one that will best suit your needs with assistance from your local locksmith in Montgomeryville, PA.


High security locks, restricted keys and master key systems allow control access to be better managed so that only authorized individuals can enter. Here’s how they can benefit a residential dwelling or a commercial business:


Manage All of the Keys at Once. Do you have ten or more keys that need to be tracked? With modern technology, there’s no need to have them all jingling on one giant key ring. Many high security systems come with computerized software that allow the user to manage and control a large number of keys at one time. Whether you need to manage just five keys or up to a thousand keys, a record can be kept on all of them through the convenience of a digital platform that is user-friendly.


Keys Can Be Dispersed by Consent Only. The high level security of a key control system provides you with the power to release keys to authorized people. The system makes it difficult for individuals to take or touch keys without permission. Key access can be denied or blocked instantly using the key control system’s electronic software.


Built-in Alerts and Reminders Improve Protective Measures. Weewoo, weewoo, weewoo! If you have a key control system installed and have walked out of the building with a key, then that sound is a built-in alarm that has gone off because the keys were not put back in their rightful place. This alarm, as well as other built-in alerts, are helpful in enforcing security measures and restrictions, especially in a work environment involving employees.




The advantage of using a key control system stretches beyond the protection of assets and occupants to providing essential information that plays a role in ensuring safety. Common security dilemmas can be solved in a flash with the features of a key control system, which provides the identity of all key holders, what keys are being held by which people, and the time frame keys were used. In a world where not everyone can be trusted, key control lets you hand the keys to authorized personnel while you remain in charge.

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