Car Key Technology and the Future

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Getting ready to leave your home for work after a long weekend, you make sure you have your coffee and lunch. You go to grab your car keys at the basket near your front door, but they are nowhere to be found. Frantically searching for them, you realize you must’ve lost them at some point over the weekend.

This situation might feel familiar. Or, maybe, instead of losing your car key, your electronic remote stops working. The sound of your vehicle unlocking and the chirp you are used to hearing are absent. Your electronic key needs to be repaired.

At Mike’s Lock Shop, our team of knowledgeable locksmiths is there for all of your car key programming and replacement needs in Bucks County and the surrounding areas. We also believe it is important to educate you and inform you about this technology and where it is heading. Here are some things you need to know about automotive keys and the future of accessing vehicles.

Basic Car Fobs

Basic car keys fobs are the remotes attached to your car key that you put into your ignition. The key fob works as a transmitter that sends a signal to your vehicle’s receiver. This signal contains unique codes that are generated by the remote and understood by your vehicle.

Smart Keys

Smart keys use radio waves to speak to your vehicle’s antennas and work when they are in proximity to the car. Drivers enjoy perks such as unlocking doors and remote ignition without having to use a physical key. Some automobiles unlock by just grabbing the door handle. Features such as opening a car’s trunk by putting your foot under the rear bumper are also a reality. These keys send out a different encrypted signal each time they are used to ward off hackers.

There are some interesting smart key fobs from high-end manufacturers. BMW has one that has a touchscreen and gives options such as air, vehicle service information and more. Jaguar has a waterproof wristband that opens a car, and Tesla’s Model S can be pulled forward and backward with its smart key.

Future Access

Innovation and technological advancement have brought forth different ways of accessing vehicles. Ford announced at CES 2017 that their newer vehicles will work in conjunction with the Amazon Echo device. Drivers will make voice commands to the device’s voice assistant, Alexa, to start their vehicle, turn off a car, lock or unlock the doors and see what the battery power level is. These commands will still work even if the car is miles away from the Amazon Echo. Additionally, Volvo is ridding their newer vehicles of keys and replacing car access with Bluetooth technology that is controlled by a smartphone app.

Whatever automotive key you have, we can replace it or provide you with a new one at an affordable price. Our expert technicians are trained to provide service to the latest technology and will address all of your car key programming needs that you will encounter in Montgomery County and nearby communities.

You can learn more about our automotive key options by calling 215-495-0133 or filling out a contact form today.

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