4 Things You Should Protect At All Costs

Posted on: April 15th, 2016 by Nelson Shane No Comments

As technology improves, so does security. Consequently, burglars and other criminals also benefit from innovation by utilizing technology to rob the unsuspecting. This constant game of cat and mouse can be tricky, which is why it is of the utmost importance to team up with the best security providers in the area. Whether you need new locks for your apartment or access cards for your business, there is one Montgomery County locksmith in PA that has your back at all times. That person is Mike. Well, actually, it is the entire team here at Mike’s Lock Shop (a division of Access Lock Technologies Inc.).


Our products are modern. Our quality is unmatched. Our prices are competitive. Everybody has valuable possessions that they cherish. Here is a list of four things that you should protect at all costs:


  1. Yourself (and your loved ones) – Irreplaceable. Priceless. The most important assets that you will ever have. Maintain peace of mind by having our technicians install secure locks on every door to your home. Our elaborate showroom displays over a hundred decorative locks that come in 10 different finishes. We offer traditional locks (with keys), as well as electronic locks to give a more modern accent to your humble abode.
  2. Your Home – Criminals are much less likely to invade a home if they know it is protected. They like low-hanging fruit. Damaged dead-bolts. Dangling doorknobs. When they see that you have state-of-the-art protection, most of the time they’d rather take the easy route and go break into your neighbor’s house around the corner.
  3. Your Car – Picture this: You wake up for work only to find everything in your car is missing. Even your favorite coconut/banana-scented air freshener. Or even worse; your entire car is gone. The good news: you have an excuse to miss work. The bad news: everything else.
  4. Your Identity – This relates back to numbers 1-3. Sometimes we keep our wallet (and other important documents) unattended in our home or vehicle. This makes it extra easy for somebody to claim your identity and commit fraud by using your name to make purchases you would never have approved. This hurts your credit score, bank account, and can make for a hectic year of trying to reverse the chaos.


This is not meant to scare you. This is intended to make you aware of simple measures you can take to prevent disasters. All of the above also applies for businesses. Companies should always utilize commercial locksmith services around Philadelphia in order to protect all of the classified data that may be found.


To view all of the solutions available at Mike’s Lock Shop, visit https://accesslocktech.com/ today! Be smart. Stay safe. Call Mike.

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