Watching Out for Locksmith Scams

Posted on: September 23rd, 2019 by Liz Wedekind

Millions of people get locked out of their cars or houses each year. The first thing that comes to mind when stuck in this situation? Call the nearest and quickest locksmith to come out and get the job done! Not much time or thought goes into their background or references, but rather how fast can they get there and who has the cheapest price.

When looking up the nearest locksmiths online, 20 pop up within a close radius of each other and where you are stuck. While a few may be legitimate, many are purely scammers hoping you call desperate enough to hire anyone. While reputable locksmith lockout services cost around $100, these scammers offer their services for little to nothing with the goal of charging you way more in the end for work that doesn’t need to be done.

Need some help in determining the right one from the wrong one? Below are some helpful tips to protecting yourself, your money and your locks.

  1. Find a locksmith before you need one
    1. Bonded and insured locksmiths that have been in business for many years can be trusted to do the job right and not over charge. Carefully choose a locksmith before you need one and save their number in your phone.
  2. Check references & reviews
    1. With any reputable locksmith comes an array of reliable references. Whether it be from personal friends, businesses in the area or more. Good businesses will have trustworthy reviews posted, all with the goal of wanting your business.
  3. Check for a fixed address
    1. Avoid locksmiths that don’t have a set, fixed address along with only PO Boxes as their location. Scammers often hide behind a fake location.
  4. Look for those with professional branding
    1. Turn away locksmiths that arrive in unmarked vehicles. Trustworthy locksmiths would want their employees to proudly represent their name on vehicles, clothing, etc.
  5. Check with insurance company
    1. Check with your insurance company for recommendations on reliable locksmiths. They will only recommend certified locksmiths for the job at hand.

Reaching out to Mike’s Lock Shop will guarantee you the quality work, commitment and reliability you deserve. These board-certified locksmiths provide both residential and commercial services in the Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA areas. For more information, please call 215-672-3100.

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