Is Your Home Ready for Changing Weather?

Posted on: February 25th, 2020 by Liz Wedekind

As we head into different seasons filled with changing weather, it’s common for homeowners to want to do a little “spring cleaning” and get their homes ready for the year ahead. One thing that might not cross everyone’s minds is ensuring a home’s locks and keys are ready for the evident weather changes. It’s important to check locks, doors and keys to make sure they are functioning properly in order to keep homes up to date and protected.

Common Weather Change Issues?
As a result of changes from varying month temperatures, locks and doors tend to become misaligned from each other. As weather changes, many locks and doors can end up sticking from the expansion of materials or contractions from humidity, temperature increases, and more. When this happens, it is important to investigate changing the locks along with ensuring the door materials are of sound quality.

Cleaning Locks
Upkeep of locks is extremely simple! All homeowners really need are soap and water. While using a damp cloth, clean the outside of the handle and lock to get any dirt or debris that had built up on it. Avoid using any acidic or corrosive cleaning solutions for they could end up doing more harm than good on metal and wood surfaces.

Lubricating Locks
An important aspect of lock maintenance is making sure the locks are properly lubricated. Avoid using graphite. WD-40, CRC Power Lube, and Tri-Flow work well. Using a dry Teflon spray will avoid getting the oily residue on your keys and clothes. Apply a small amount into the keyhole and test the keys for easy use.

Testing Locks
Once the locks have been cleaned and lubricated, it’s important to test how well they work and if there are any other issues that would need a locksmith’s expertise. Replace any locks if necessary.

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