How to Prevent Lockouts

Posted on: August 9th, 2017 by Nelson Shane

It’s happened to every business owner at some point in time. You find yourself getting ready to start your day, but when you reach for your keys, you find that you’ve left them inside your business the night before.

While most business owners will have to call a locksmith in Montgomeryville, PA at some point during their career, if you’re finding yourself being locked out over and over again, it’s probably time to reconsider what you are doing. Here are three strategies you might want to consider if you find yourself spending more and more money on lockouts as of late.

  • Switch to a keyless locking system. If locking your keys inside or forgetting them at home is becoming a big burden on you and your business, switching to a keyless locking system that requires a password instead of a physical key can save you hundreds of dollars. A locksmith in Montgomery County, PA can install a system that is durable and safe, as well as more easily allows the right people in. Just make sure to keep your pass code in a safe place, and have it written down in a spot that only you can access in case of emergencies!
  • Keep a spare key with a reliable person. As a general rule, it’s not a good idea to let too many people have a copy of the keys to your business or warehouse. However, giving a single copy to one of your most trusted employees can help to give you a lifeline in the case of an emergency lock out.
  • Attach a bright accessory to your keys. One of the best ways to help you remember your keys is to attach a bright and attention-grabbing accessory like a neon keychain to your keys. This will help to prevent a lockout by helping you remember to take them with you when it’s time to close up shop.

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