Finding the Right Commercial Hardware for Your Organization

Posted on: April 29th, 2019 by Liz Wedekind

With hardware designed to fit a variety of commercial properties and organizations, Mike’s Lock Shop, located in Warminster, PA has you covered. Enhance the aesthetic and security both inside and outside your facility using our top of the line products including door closers, mag locks and more. What hardware will work best for your organization?

Check out some of the most common types they offer:

Door Closers

Curious about what that metal object is at the top of your door? It’s an adjustable, metal spring used to control the door’s swing. Door closers ensure they close properly to prevent the spread of fires, suspicious people from entering the area and injury to others opening the door.

These closers must be kept maintained to prevent any damage or injury to any objects or people around. You will know it’s time to replace the closer if you notice the door slamming, quickly blowing open or leaking hydraulic fluid.

Mag Locks
One of the most secure locks on the market, mag locks use electric currents to ensure reliability and security. Mag lock’s magnetic fields cause the electromagnetic armature plates to become so strongly attracted, the door remains tightly closed.

Mag locks can quickly be opened in the event of an emergency with either swipe cards, motion sensors, key codes, biometrics and more.

Panic Bars
Panic bars, which are metal bars installed horizontally across the back of a door, provide important benefits including safety, affordability and more. These serve as necessary safeguards against danger in the event of an emergency. They can easily be opened from the inside to help save lives in life threatening situations including fires, weather events and more.

Customer satisfaction is Mike’s Lock Shop’s number one priority. They pride themselves on finding the right hardware to ensure your organization is secure. From master key system solutions to commercial hardware options, Mike’s has you covered. Please visit or call 215-672-3100 for more information.

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