Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Put Your Gun Safe

Posted on: July 14th, 2020 by Liz Wedekind

So, you purchased a gun safe…now what?

One of the most necessary items a gun owner could have is a quality gun safe, which helps to protect against any damage, theft, children, fires and more. But where are you supposed to put it? It is important to take time to map out exactly where it should go, not only for the pure fact of its’ size and weight, but also to keep out of a threat’s way.

Depending upon the location of the safe, different spots in the house offer different levels of protection from theft, floods, and fires.

Some things to consider when determining where one will go include:

The Path the Gun Safe Should Move In

The perfect location will not matter if you are unable to even move the safe to the desired location due to the weight of the safe and the size of where it is headed. Try to remove as much of the interior of the safe as possible, such as the door. Measure beforehand. Do not buy a safe too large to move into your house.

Where It Will Be Most Protected

Choosing different locations to consider moving a gun safe to offer varying protection from “threats” including water damage, theft, fires and more. Risks vary based upon specific situations and what areas are more prone to.

Burglars normally head towards the master bedroom/closet first, which is why it is important to find an alternate location for a gun safe to minimize any potential risks that could occur.

Floor Support/Surface

It is important to safely install a gun safe on a floor that can effectively bear the weight. If being installed on a second story floor, the gun safe should weigh no more than 1,000lbs. While floors can typically hold more than this, this needs to be passed during the inspection before buying.

For a floor surface, it is best for the safe to be installed on a hardwood or concrete floor as opposed to a carpet. When placed on carpet, there is a higher chance of a tool being able to get under the safe where a thief could successfully pry open the door.

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