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Posted on: March 20th, 2019 by Liz Wedekind

The shift to electronic car keys from the more basic, traditional key provides enhanced security features for consumers. While electronic car keys protect against unauthorized duplication with the convenience of quick locking and unlocking, what do you do if your keys stop working or you can’t find them? Making sure duplicates are made in advance is the best preventative method in case of loss, especially in the event of an emergency. The traditional key has no specific security elements, other than unique grooves on it. They can easily be copied, with or without you even knowing it!

Check out some of the most popular alternative options to basic car keys and how Mike’s Lock Shop, located in Warminster, Pa, can help you get the spares or duplicates you need in no time.

Transponder Keys:

Keys with a chip inside the head, also known as transponder keys, emit a signal straight to the car’s ignition. These keys must be programmed before starting up the car in order to work. While car dealerships have the means to duplicate these keys, they can be rather pricey. You can turn to Mike’s Lock Shop, where we can get you duplicates of keys at half the price dealerships charge.

Keyless Remotes:

Keyless entry remotes allow people to unlock their cars, open their trunks, turn on lights and more with the simple press of a button on the key fob or the key itself. It’s easy to misplace your keys, run the battery dry or simply break them. Our experienced locksmiths will easily program a new remote to get you back on the road in no time.

Laser Cut:

These keys can easily be separated apart from basic keys due to their thicker body and unique grooves. They typically have transponder chips inside that need to be professionally programmed by either a locksmith or the car dealership. With our years of experience and programming skills, we can quickly resolve the issue.

Switchblade Keys:

Keys that fold back into the fob and pop out by pressing a button are called switchblade keys. To release the key, all you do is push a side button. If any damage ends up happening to the key, each part can be purchased and programmed separately for a slight cost.

Don’t be left in a panic, Mike’s Lock Shop, located in Bucks County, Pa can help with any and all automotive car key needs. From the lowest prices, to the widest selection, our certified and trusted locksmiths have you covered. Worry less about being locked out or unable to start your car and rely on our talented team of professionals. From exceptional customer service to getting the job done correctly and in a timely manner, visit us at www.accesslocktech.com or visit our showroom in Warminster, Pa.

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